Kitsui Pinky Milk Strawberry


Kandungan Strawberry dan Noni Powder sangat  bermanfaat untuk melawan masalah jerawat serta sangat bagus utk membantu dalam melawan jangkitan dan jerawat pada kulit.

Asid alpha-hydroxy yang terdapat dalam strawberi membantu mengangkat sel-sel kulit mati. Ia juga membantu meningkatkan kualiti kulit dengan membersihkan kulit secara menyeluruh dan juga membantu mengurangkan kemerahan dan meningkatkan proses penyembuhan.

Kitsui Pinky Milk Strawberry difokuskan untuk sesorang yang berusia 17 tahun keatas. Produk ini sangat bagus untuk pengguna yang ada masalah jerawat dan juga kulit muka yang keradangan dengan nanah.


Kitsui Pinky Milk Strawberry mempunyai kelazatan rasa susu strawberri . Dimana di dalam produk ini terdapat kandungan ekstrak buah strawberri yang dijamin halal .



Hormone Free

Antibiotic Free

Chemical Free

Preservative Free

GMO Free

Gluten Free

The Basics

Strawberry Milk (4050mg)

  • Helps to keep your skin healthy and bright since it is high in antioxidants. Strawberry milk is a great way to keep your skin looking young and healthy on a daily basis. Strawberries contain alpha-hydroxylic acid, which can help the removal of dead skin cells.

Noni (150mg)

  • Noni is an excellent assistance for sunburn treatment since it functions as a natural aid in reducing the look of red – irritated skin. Noni moisturizes the skin without trapping heat, resulting in a cooling effect.

L-Cysteine (150mg)

  • Helps in skin healing resulting in a more healthier and “pinkish” skin.

Vitamin C (150mg)

  • It inhibits melanin formation in the skin, which helps the reduction of hyperpigmentation and brown spots (the evenness of skin tone) and the enhancement of skin radiance.
  • Reduces & fight acne on skin and body
  • Reduces skin inflamed with pus
  • Prevents acne breakouts
  • Promotes a more “pinkish” and soften skin
  • Skin inflammation with pus
  • Acne prone skin
  • Clogged facial pores with Blackhead & whitehead
  • Acne that grows on the face and back of the body

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Frequently asked questions

Mix 1 sachet (15gram) in 150ml of cold/warm water. For best results, consume daily after breakfast or after dinner.

1 sachet = 61 Calorie

*Kitsui supplements will not harm the baby / fetus but it is better if you only focus on taking supplements and medications prescribed by the doctor.

*For breastfeeding mothers, it is best to consume after the baby is over 4 months old.