KITSUI™ Meal Replacement


To replace lunch or dinner. It can help with fullness and help burn fat.


Hormone Free

Antibiotic Free

Chemical Free

Preservative Free

GMO Free

Gluten Free

The Basics

  • Control over eating habits
  • Reduce consumption of high calories foods


  • Spirulina helps boost a person’s metabolism resulting in an easier fat burn during exercising.

Oat Fiber

  • Oat fiber helps with weight loss as it contains soluble fiber which can keep you feeling full.

Brown Rice

  • Brown rice contains high dietary fiber which can help you feel fuller longer while consuming fewer calories.

Psyllium Husk

  • Psyllium Husk helps reduce the rate of unhealthy carbohydrate absorption.
  • Over eating habits
  • Those who does not have time to prepare breakfasts
  • Unhealthy diet

Best Premium Ingredients For You

Kitsui Meal Replacement Is a unique formula that Is designed to help you with balanced nutrition. The convenient on-the-go meal replacement helps you control over eating habits and reduce consumption of high calories foods.

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Frequently asked questions

Mix 1 sachet (15gram) in 150ml of cold/hot water. For best results, consume daily before breakfast or during lunch.

1 sachet = 30 Calorie

*Cannot be consumed by pregnant mother
*Cannot be consumed by breastfeeding