Kitsui Korean Whitie + Plus Tomato

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Specially formulated using natural ingredients such as Tomato, Camu Camu and Acelora that can Stimulate and increase the production of skin collagen which will maintain the elasticity, suppleness and smoothness of the skin.

Suitable for those with overly sensitive skin and itchy or noisy skin

Produced from natural ingredients with a packaging size of 17 packets x 5gm.

** The taste of peaches is very good to drink. Can also be prepared with a mixture of cold air or warm water. Jgn lupa shake shake ye.

1. Skin that is too sensitive
2. Skin rash
3. Skin that Looks Oily But Feels Dry
4. To make the skin more smooth and delicate

1. Makes the face glow and more vibrant.
2. Maintain Skin Moisture.
3. Eliminates free radicals that damage cells.
4. Reduce and fade blackheads on the face
5. Tomatoes can also help spread the pigments more evenly.
6. 100% No collagen content / suitable for those with seafood & collagen allergies.

1. Do not practice proper facial skin care routine
2. Lack of Rest / Sleep
3. Less intake of fruits and vegetables
4. Genetic Factors
5. Stress results in increased oil production through the facial glands & in turn makes the facial skin dull and lifeless

– reduces and fades blackheads on the face
– Tomatoes have been shown to resist the aging process of cells, helping to prevent wrinkled skin.
– Contains vitamin A which is very important for the immune system, skin and vision. Tomatoes are also high in vitamin K which is good for bones

– Increases the production of pro-collagen, to improve the structure of facial skin.
– as an effective anti-oxidant in preventing aging
– helps moisturize and radiant skin.

– The content of vitamin C in acerola fruit can also brighten the skin by spreading the pigments more evenly
– can produce elasticity, strength, and suppleness to the skin.

Mix 1 packet into 50-100 ml of warm water. Shake until dissolved and drink immediately after preparation. Drink plenty of water throughout the day for best effect.

36 reviews for Kitsui Korean Whitie + Plus Tomato

  1. nash


  2. fadzyahya

    hi, can i consume whitening + and bellos fibre togather? whitening + in the morning and bellos fibre at night?

  3. bling

    kesan memang nampak dalam seminggu. walau tak ketara tapi nampak hasil. sangat berkesan untuk kulit muka yang ada dark sport dan kesan parut jerawat. kulit nampak lebih bersih dan sedikit ‘glow’. berkesan, boleh cuba.

  4. Alya

    Hai nak tanya boleh tak mix korean white plus dan whitening bb?

    Kalau mix air berapa ml ya? Dan minum sebelum tidur kan?

    • geminibeautystore

      hi dear boleh saja minum secara bercampuran jika sis selesa dengan kombinasi rasanya , kerana setiap produk mempunyai berlainan perisa untuk minum secara bercampuran sukatan air yang diperlukan ialah 200 ml

      produk kulit untuk kesan yang effective consume selepas sarapan dan banyakkan minum air masak

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