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Why is Collagen Important?

Collagen is a protein responsible for healthy joints and skin elasticity, or stretchiness. It’s in your bones, muscles, and blood, comprising three quarters of your skin and a third of the protein in your body. As you age, your existing collagen breaks down, and it gets harder for your body to produce more

Solution for dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles and anti -aging. Eliminates dull skin problems on the face and stretches the facial skin quickly.

Helps slow down the aging process, this product can also help give structure to the skin and work together with a protein called elastin for firmer, more elastic, healthy skin, thicker hair, more beautiful and healthy nails. This product also contains 1000x higher content of vitamin C, 800x more powerful than CoQ10, 550x more powerful than vitamin E, anti -aging and gives even skin tone,

** Not suitable for those who have Seafood allergies such as seafood because collagen is from sea fish

  • Stimulates the formation of collagen on the skin
  • Overcoming aging skin
  • Solve uneven skin tone issues
  • Resolve fine wrinkles
  • Solve dry skin problems
  • Remove acne scars
  • Increasing power (easy start up)
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Moisturize the skin
  • Beautify your hair and nails

Generation 3 colla is specifically catered to help restore youthfulness, resilience, and radiance to mature skin. Collagen peptide boasts a shorter molecular structure that gets it absorbed more easily by our skin as compared to our skin’s natural collagen.

By actively boosting collagen synthesis and repairing damaged collagen fibers, Generation 3 colla helps you overcome signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, and uneven skin tones.

View your skin visibly lifted and moisture-plumped with Generation 3 colla. With its unique blend of collagen, lemon, omega 3, vitamin c, and astaxanthin, enjoy the benefits of beautifying your hair and also nails.

Produced from natural ingredients.

15 grams x 15 sachets

Mix 1 sachet in 150ml of warm water. Shake until dissolved and drink immediately after preparation. Drink plenty of water throughout the day for the best effect

  • Lemon
  • Kolagen
  • Omega 3
  • Vitamin-C
  • Astaxanthin

46 reviews for Kitsui Generation 3 Colla

  1. Zee Yani

    Omg this product is very effective on me! I feel a lot more hydrate throughout the day & my skin is getting better by feeling so soft, smooth & bright!

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