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Is your appetite under control? While watching TV, while chewing various things. The tofu is gone!

So, if you want to help overcome this bloating appetite problem, you can try taking this KITSUI ROYAL LPO.

Mix before lunch. It will help reduce appetite at the same time can also help burn excess fat

If you have a high appetite problem, this product is ideal to help you to reduce appetite, help control appetite and burn excess fat faster.

Produced from natural ingredients of green coffee and african mango with a packaging size of 15 packs x 15gm. The taste of mango is very good to drink. Can also be prepared with a mixture of cold water or warm water. Jgn lupa shake shake ye.

*The effect of burning fat will be faster if combined with exercise and also drinking enough water (2 liters a day)

In a clinical trial on a combination of green coffee and african mango involving 64 overweight women, after 8 weeks of green coffee and african mango extracts, participants lost weight, reduced fat mass index, and reduced waist circumference.

The combination of African mango and green coffee has proven to be effective as an ingredient for slimming.

– Eat even when not hungry
– Food addiction
– Overweight
– Joint pain
– The body is always tired

– Lack of healthy foods that are highly nutritious
– Lack of sleep.
– Excessive stress increases appetite
– Body hormones are not balanced

Mango – Burns calories
Green Coffee – increases the body’s metabolism
African Mango – controls appetite
Hoodia – Helps Burn Excess Fat Quickly

– Control high appetite
– Reduce appetite
– Burn excess fat
– Burn Calories

Mix 1 packet into 150ml of warm water. Shake until dissolved and drink immediately after preparation. Drink plenty of water throughout the day for best effect. Not suitable for drinking before bed.

5 reviews for Kitsui Royal Lpo

  1. erni yusnita

    Saya dah menggunakan produk kitsui iaitu bb whitening dan royal lypo kesannya amat2 memberangsangkan. Muka sy dulunya gelap, x bermaya dan pori terbuka kini kembali pulih… Malah rakan2 saya selalu menegur melihat perubahan di wajah sy. Ramai jugak yg dh follow. Royal lypo jugak mencairkan lemak dan senang nk turun bdn. Kutsui mmg byk merubah saya dan kutsui hebat dan terbaik

  2. salma

    kalau ibu menyusu boleh consume x?

  3. Selena

    Just got it last week and i already consume this for third day now along with Belloss Fiber. I can say it works well and I digest like 6-7 times today… I only had 2 meal per day & i wasnt feeling that hungry anymore. I only eat a palm size meal now cus i gets full faster. Its good and bad i could say. But it helps my body to filter quickly and get rid of toxin in body. Thumbs up Kitsui!

  4. nurul

    klu royal lpo sesuai d minum pd wktu bila?smsa bln puasa..?

    • geminibeautystore

      hi dear produk kitsui royal lpo pada bulan puasa sesuai di amalkan selepas berbuka . pada hari biasa pula sesuai di amalkan sebelum lunch 🙂

  5. Athirah Salleh

    Boleh tak makan sebelum tido ?

    • geminibeautystore

      hi dear royal lpo tidak boleh untuk minum sebelum tidur takut metabolisme tinggi susah untuk tidur dan susah membakar lemak . kerana ianya tidak jalan lepas minum kerana terus tidur ianya kesan akan kurang

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