KITSUI™ Generation 3 Colla

Solution for skin problems, muscle problems, pigmentation problems, black and dull spots. Produced from natural ingredients with packaging size of 15 packs x 15 gm.

Benefits of KITSUI ™ Generation 3 Colla

Stimulate the formation of skin collagen
Overcoming “stretch marks”
Overcoming oily skin problems
Solve uneven skin tone problems
Solve fine wrinkles
Solve dry skin problems
Remove acne scars
Suspens and fits the skin
Adding power (easy to wake up early)
Slow down the aging process
Moisturizing skin
Beautify your hair and nails

How to Take:

Mix 1 packet into 150ml of warm water. Shake until dissolved and drink immediately after preparation. Drink plenty of water throughout the day for the best impression.

p / s: Not recommended for those with allergies to seafood


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