Hydro Eye Gel


  • Reduces swelling, black circles and aging around the eyes.
  • Vitamins C and A reduce black circles.
  • Fight aging of wrinkles.
  • Reduce fine lines to look healthier.
  • Less sweating in the sun.
  • Does not cause oil on the skin.


  • Hydro Eye Gel is designed to fight swelling, black circles and skin aging around the eyes. It is ideal for normal / dry and oily skin as it does not cause the accumulation of oil on the skin.
  • In this gel there are vitamins C and A which will reduce black circles. It also helps fight wrinkles around the eyes and reduces the fine lines to look healthier.
  • Hydro Eye Gel is ideal for daytime use as it is less likely to sweat in the sun. It absorbs into the skin faster than cream and does not cause any oil on the skin.





8 reviews for Hydro Eye Gel

  1. dya myrra

    garis halus halus hilang dalam masa 20 hari . cepat nampak kesan. dijamin halal best sgt

  2. erika

    dulu mata nampak bengkak macam mata panda .. lepas guna hilang mata panda… maintain sekarang

  3. nazirah

    dulu bangun pagi mesti mata nampak leith , sejak guna product ini mata jadi cantik dn sihat tq

  4. emelna

    the best eye gel … works for me awesome i love it

  5. bella

    skincare kitsui sgt berkesan sya pakai semua produk kitsui

  6. along perak

    best nya , dh pakai biji kolestrol dh hilang . berkesan

  7. Shafiqa Shahin

    eye gel kitsui best , biji kolestrol dh semakin kurang . tq kitsui , terbaik

  8. erika randy

    Terbaikkkkk yg blm cuba .jom guys cuba anda akan rasa perubahan nyaa

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