Acne Target Gel


  • Helps prevent bacterial growth.
  • Helps to treat a lazy face.
  • It can help lift dead skin cells and maintain skin texture.
  • Stimulates the formation of new skin tissue.
  • Cures inflamed, itchy, and red skin.
  • Heals acne scars quickly.
  • Helps speed up the process of drying acne.


  • Acne target gel is great for reducing acne on the face and prevents it from forming in the future.
  • With Tea tree oil as one of the main ingredients, bacteria will be killed and the inflammation of the acne will be healthier and cleaner. Acne target gel is an essential part of every skin care routine for a smoother and smoother skin with less acne spots.
  • Because gels are very important in the treatment of acne, the ingredients used are eczema treatment complex and vitamin E which allows the healing of inflammation of the skin, itching, and redness. It can be absorbed into the skin quickly and treats and cures acne quickly.




7 reviews for Acne Target Gel

  1. Fendi

  2. Fendi

    Best best

  3. liana wati

    jerawat dh semakin kurang , lepas sapu acne gel ini kat jerawat terus kecut asok hari. memang hebat

  4. ummi

    sgt jimat , satu tube boleh guna 2 1/2 bulan .. berkesan . tq

  5. anna dessy

    berkesan .. tak rugi cuba .

  6. siti asmah

    duly muka jerawat penuh , lepas cuba kitsui whitenin bb , kemudian guna skincare mereka muka jadi bersih dan licin jerawat pun susah timbul tq kitsui

  7. fatini

    tak risau guna kitsui, selamat dan ada dijual di watson senang nak dpt . halal dan gmp . guna tanta was was

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