About Us


Gemini Beauty Resource (M) Sdn. Bhd was established in 1996 which is made up of local nutritionists. The initial goal of the company was to provide counseling services to treat various health problems. In line with the success and high demand of health food products, we are always committed to providing the best health products to consumers. At Gemini Beauty Resources, we are always committed to extreme quality while making us one of the fastest growing nutritional distributors of all over Malaysia’s leading pharmacies.

Continuous Research

To provide customers the best solution, we are always committed for providing the latest scientific research through innovative seminars and conferences.

KITSUI Products

All Kitsui products are inspired by nature, offering a wide range of quality extracts and quality ingredients from all over the world. Kitsui products aim to offer the most secure safety and health benefits of natural products, supported by the best advice and information. Kitsui products are selected and distributed based on Good Manufacturing Practices and all Kitsui products evolve to help women and men solve their problems in the shortest possible time.